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About Us
  Site namocarpet.com established by a woman from Sung Men, Phrae Thailand which to grow and live in Bangkok for several decades as an employee regularly and turned to private business. Starting from herbal supplements, cosmetics, etc.
  Until the age of thirty- end was pregnant with first child . Mam as a new moms decided to return to the homeland to have more chance to care of baby during pregnancy. it was found that the District people's hometown and neighboring districts make the product that is a fancy doormat Which is in a community enterprise by women's groups that are unoccupied after farming to find more income.
  Mam had the idea to promote this business and add value to products ,fancy doormat. The aim was to generate revenue for the community in the first period after childbirth. Mam began business at home to develop quality of products more beautiful and to have more sellling points then established website."www.namocarpet.com" to sell fancy doormats .
  When there are more workers. Mam decided to open a shop in Sungmen to serve And to store inventory using her daughter name "Namo" as a business name "NamoCarpets" , which is also the name of her daughter.
  After almost two years, the products have been recognized by both retail and corporate customers across the country who buy to resell due to the quality And more beautiful than competitors in the market. There are many regular customers and orders from foreign contact you made ​​growing the locals Sung Men district and nearby districts have improved.
  To ensure business continuity and sustained the way it is intended to expand steadily. Both domestic and international As well as to increase product lines By now, we have produced the big, middle, small decorative rug sizes to increase distribution channel and increase designs continuously. As an alternative to customers.
เวลาให้บริการ (Business hour)
Customers can browse and order from Web pages. Or by email 24 hours
Shop Hours 8:00 am - 18:00 pm
Tel.l 089 782 3962
        080 223 4286
email: paulenagold@hotmail.com
Line id: 0897823962
Hot Product/Service
Carpet Fancy Canny dog
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Regular 9.97 USD
Special 8.63
Fancy little tiger rug very soft fabric to use and easy to clean.
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Ginseng Tung Gui-jub
Price 0.30 USD
Carpet Fancy
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
ผลิตภัณภ์เสริมอาหาร พอลลีน่า ไฟโตโนท๊อก
Regular 40.00 USD
Special 30.00
Carpet Fancy
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Carpet Fancy MUAI
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Carpet Fancy UltraMan
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Carpet Fancy Penguin
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Carpet Fancy Smiley Star
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Carpet Fancy Tomato
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Carpet Fancy Strawberry
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Carpet Fancy Mini Car
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Carpet Fancy Smile frog
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Carpet Fancy Bears
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Carpet Fancy Van
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Fancy foot mat fabric very soft. Hand wash for easy cleaning
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Doormat Fancy Pig oud fabric very soft. Hand wash for easy cleaning
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Fancy doormat Brown Bunnies The fabric is very soft Hand wash for easy cleaning budget.
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
Carpet Fancy Nemo
ส่ง 45 ปลีก 79
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